Atlantic Video Corporation - Birmingham, AL
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Birmingham, AL 35242
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Atlantic Video Corporation - Mobile, AL
2866 - C Dauphin St.
Mobile, AL 36606
Phone: (251) 478-8021
Fax: (251) 478-8051
AVC has 27 years of experience with all types of applications and clients, affording us the ability to understand the appropriate solution for you. These applications include:
                                 Command Center             Corporate Communications 
                                 Education                         Presentation and Training
                                 Simulation                        Network Operations 
                                 House of Worship             Digital Signage
AVC provides a total integrated audiovisual system comprised of both proprietary and mass produced technologies. Combined image processing and optical technology allows multiple full motion video, graphic files and graphic streams to be displayed into high-resolution uniform image(s) which provides state of the art data visualization. 

Front or rear projection displays, LCD and plasma technology are determined by the presentation environment, group size and viewing perspectives. Audio reinforcement is applied to meet for the acoustic requirements of the application. System connectivity for the current application as well as future expansion are considered in the proposal. User friendly control and reliability are paramount in the design of our systems. 

We believe you will find the AVC advantages are the right choice for your audiovisual communications needs. Allow us the opportunity to prove it.